19 Mei 2012

Canon EOS 7D SLR Camera Reviews

Canon EOS 7D SLR Camera is one of the best cameras by Canon. If professional photographers earn their money, then it will surely be a delight for any hard-ambitious amateur or semi-pro clippers! This gives a first-class, proven product with which you can therefore do stuff. Are you all just for prestige? Then buy a Canon 5D strap and attach it to your previous entry-level DSLR. Please read on that anyhow.

If you are willing to even deeper (I mean very deep) dive into the world of digital photography, then you get the Canon EOS 7D with a product in the professional class! If you take the camera rarely, hardly, it would be a shame to spend as much as they use a good piece thus not really. As if to max with a Porsche. 150 km / h runs ... then reaches a GTI.

For me it started with a 500D ... >> I had "tasted blood" (the 500D is still regarded as a second camera in the luggage). More lenses, more opportunities, more camera was needed. After many pages of reading and a couple of hours of video footage and interviews with other photographers, I decided on the Canon EOS 7D. You can use your previously purchased this camera lenses with EF and EF-S continues to use connection (indicated by red and white dot). What from the series full-size (Fig. 5D ') is no longer guaranteed. The feel and handling of the 7D is very pleasant and sometimes intuitive. Very positively to the design speed, greater grip with the little finger is found in great hands and his place. The operation is very simple and many settings can be made even intuitive.

I would not at all to lose a lot of other words. Think carefully about how hard they want to continue to photograph and compare the technical details. For my part, I have made the right decision and am very satisfied with the Canon EOS 7D! I have opened up new possibilities and many things are just more convenient and faster.
Source article : Canon EOS 7D 30% Off Sales SLR Camera | Magical Game and Gadget

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